Find out more about us before you go any further! At Wilcox + Partners we state that we Treat Our Customers Fairly and always make a great effort to ensure that your time in our homes will be comfortable, safe and secure.


Established over 25 years ago, Wilcox + Partners are very experienced private landlords specialising in student letting.

We own all of our properties so have a vested interest in looking after them. Veronica & Alex Wilcox, run the portfolio of properties and we have dedicated members of staff for all aspects of the business including Dillon, who’s in charge of most maintenance issues, we find that a recognisable face is far more reassuring to our tenants rather than 3rd party contractors who occasionally have had their instructions passed on via Chinese whispers.

Our business objective is to provide the best private, high quality residential student accommodation, whilst remaning at a market competitive price.

We do not believe that the stereotypical view of student accommodation has to be true. Student homes do not have to be cold, damp and dirty.

We are fully subscribed members of the UK National Landlords Association

We specialise in three to seven bedroom houses. All of our properties meet the Statutory Requirement for HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation), such as Gas Safety Certificates, electrical testing, EPC, emergency lighting, interlinked mains smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

“We do not charge fees” but believe that this should not be your marketing ‘edge’ as a business. Beware, NO FEE usually means low cost / low budget / low maintenance. That certainly does not apply to us and for that reason Wilcox & Partners do not lead with it.

No leaflets with pictures of houses that the one you’re looking at looks nothing like!

Our experience has taught us that getting the right accommodation whilst at University can have a very positive impact indeed on how a student approaches their course. Selecting the wrong accommodation can have the complete opposite effect – it can be extremely distracting and be very time consuming to deal with.

We wish to let to groups of responsible Tenants who, whilst wanting to succeed with their studies and enjoy themselves socially, are responsible and treat their home with care, pride and respect.

We expect our tenants to comply with the Tenancy Agreement and Terms & Conditions and we, as Landlords, will ensure that we completely fulfil our obligations. The objective must be to return a full deposit at the end of the Tenancy Period.

We choose to let privately simply because we believe it allows us to provide the high level of service we seek to deliver, rather than leave it for a third party, such as an agent, to deal with on our behalf.

We believe that cheap (ie) lowest rent, has a direct correlation with poor quality accommodation, poor management by the landlord and poor attention to standards such as hygiene, safety and maintenance. That said we do not charge exorbitant rents that are not unjustifiable.

Rooms are fully furnished with quality furniture, beds and appliances and all of our properties benefit from full UPVC double glazing throughout and gas central heating.

We deal with and rectify any maintenance issues, with a dedicated maintenance team for you to call day or night,not just endless answerphones. We have and adhere to high standards of service and any issues are resolved within 24hrs where possible.

Full summer rents are payable on all of our properties. This is simply because it provides a return over and above our running costs to reinvest into the houses we own. We can therefore maintain the standards we set for now and in the future. We also offer a referral scheme which rewards tenants with a month’s rent as a thank you.

At Wilcox + Partners, we live up to our promises not make them and then break them, that’s the reason our tenants tend to stay with us for the full two years.

All deposits are fully protected at MyDeposits.Co.Uk.

All of our properties have Buildings Insurance cover, are HMO registered and have all statutory certification.

We offer an increasingly popular fully inclusive option leaving you free to enjoy your studies and night life without nagging, individual bills.