Why do I pay on 25th when my rent is due on the first?

Depending on who you bank with, it can take up to 3 working days to get from your account to ours, it’s called ‘clearing’. If there is a weekend and possibly a bank holiday/s, it can take 6 days to credit with us, so by paying on 25th your rent will always get to us on time.

Why do I pay rent during the summer when I wont be living at the house?

In order for a Tenancy to start there has to be a financial agreement, in law this is known as ‘consideration’.

As a group you are one Tenant (see joint and severally liable below) so whilst you might not be at the house one of your fellow Tenants probably will be. Also, in order for belongings to be moved into the house and not taken back home, the Tenancy has to begin.

The most misunderstood aspect is Tenants feel they are paying more if paying during the Summer. The amount is the same whether it is paid over 12, 10 or 9 months, in fact some Landlords charge you more if not paid over 12 months.

When will I get my deposit back?

Returnable deposits are sent back to the Lead Tenant within 10 working days of the end date of the Tenancy Agreement.

Why is my deposit more than my rent?

We charge one months rent plus £100 simply because it provides us with some security should the last months rent not be paid.

Holding deposit / full deposit ?

Is my Tenancy a ‘joint’ Agreement?

Yes it is, it is what’s called a joint & severally Agreement.

This means that you are all responsible for each other, hence the reason it is very important that you chose who you live with very carefully.

Why do you recommend all inclusive of bills?

Firstly, because it’s cheaper for you. We pass on all our discount as being a sizeable Landlord onto you, secondly, dealing with the administration can be a real pain, we do all that free of charge, finally, it avoids utility companies chasing you at the end of the Tenancy for outstanding bills, which in the worse cases can lead to court proceedings. All inclusive makes sure none of this happens and gives you peace of mind.

Do I need Contents Insurance?

We do cover a basic level of contents insurance but we do strongly recommend you take out your own as we clearly do not know what your insurance items are.

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